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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SCOTUS, religion, and age

As are, I assume, millions of others, I'm "watching" the live-blog of the Judge Garland nomination thanks to SCOTUSblog.  Two quick, non-substantive observations:  First, unless I'm remembering incorrectly, there has not been a Protestant nominated to the Supreme Court in 25 years (Justice Souter was nominated in 1990.)  If Judge Garland were confirmed, it would continue to be the case -- as it has been since Justice Kagan joined the Court in 2010 -- that the Court is made up entirely of Catholics and Jews (and graduates of Harvard and Yale).  Fascinating.  Imagine what, say, John Adams would have said!  Second, as others have noted, Judge Garland is the oldest nominee since Lewis Powell, almost 45 years ago.

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