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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Space Mining Legislation

My husband is a ufologist.  You read that right.  He's a UFO guy.  He investigates aliens and the paranormal.  I have to say, if I weren't a law prof, I'd be envious of his pretty incredible job.  (As a law prof, I am envious of my own job.  Who else gets paid as well as we do to write, teach, and think creatively about the law?)  

Although my husband and I have very interesting dinner-time discussions (as you might imagine, we tend to talk about his work rather than mine), there is little rigorous substantive overlap.  But not today.  Today, he blogged about new space mining legislation, signed into law on November 25, which allows the commercial exploitation of minerals and water from asteroids and the moon.  As the ever faithful and loving wife, let me momentarily direct you to his blog post here.  Then, of course, you should redirect yourself back to PrawfsBlawg to continue reading the posts on this website.

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