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Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello, Delete Button

Today, Adele has dropped her long-awaited third album. In promoting it, she mentioned that she had created enough music to release an album sooner, but had thrown it all away. For example, she had written a few songs about parenthood, but decided that they were boring. She had called in musical greats to co-write songs, and ruffled feathers when she decided those songs were boring too. She ended up with 11 tracks on her album, which has been criticized as short. Her single off the album, “Hello,” took a slow 6 months to write. 

There’s something to be learned from every person’s creative process, and I think Adele’s lesson is as good as any—if you don’t like it, pitch it.  The problem, of course, is how painful it is to do because of our investment in our work and the pressure to produce.  But, Adele's a reminder that it's possible to do, and necessary too.

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