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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Law School Hiring, 2015-2016, Thread One

Those on the market are invited to leave comments on this thread regarding whether they have received:

(a) a first round interview at a school (including the subject areas the school mentioned, if any, as being of particular interest, and whether the interview offer was accepted);

(b)  a callback from a law school and/or accepted it; or

(c) an offer from a law school and/or accepted it; feel free to also leave details about the offer, including teaching load, research leave, etc. A school listed as "offer accepted" may have made more than one offer and may still have some slots open.

Law professors may also choose to provide information that is relevant to the entry-level market.  

Four miscellaneous things:

1. If you don't want your contact information displayed, enter [email protected] or something like that as an email address.

2. There is a  separate thread, "A Clearinghouse for Questions," for general questions or comments about the teaching market. Please do not use the thread below for general questions or comments. (Such comments will be deleted, not out of hostility or in a judgy way, just to keep this thread focused.)

3. There's quite a cache of materials relevant to the law job market under the archive categories Getting a Job on the Law Teaching Market and Entry Level Hiring Report.

4. Finally, in each of the last five years, someone who is on the market has volunteered to aggregate the information on a spreadsheet. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me directly at slawsky *at* law *dot* uci *dot* edu, and I will get you set up.

Update: We once again have an aggregator! Below is the spreadsheet, which you can view and download here.

All information should come in through the comments. Our aggregator will use the spreadsheet to aggregate the information.  Only the aggregator will be able to edit the spreadsheet, but when the aggregator edits the spreadsheet, those changes will be reflected in the embedded, downloadable version below.

The aggregator will update the spreadsheet approximately once a week.

You can reach the aggregator at aalsaggregator (at) gmail (dot) com.

Originally posted August 27, 2015; aggregator and spreadsheet added 9/3/15.

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Interview with Barry, primarily for Criminal Law.

Posted by: ademicrealness | Sep 15, 2015 4:36:15 PM

Also tomorrow or Tuesday is a Jewish holiday so I imagine some committees will not meet until Wednesday. It will probably pick up later this week

Posted by: Anon | Sep 13, 2015 12:29:35 PM

My committee is meeting next week to select more invitees -- we'll contact them by the end of the week.

Posted by: AnonHiringChair | Sep 13, 2015 8:40:17 AM

If it helps to know, my committee just met on Friday (for the first time), we'll be calling over the next week...

Posted by: anon prrof | Sep 13, 2015 8:22:14 AM

PatienceZero. I would give it at least another week. Things seems to be moving slowly, though I have heard of at least 5 schools calling who are not listed here. I would share, but not my interviews.

Posted by: AnonB | Sep 11, 2015 1:36:28 PM

So if I haven't heard anything, at what point should I give up?

Posted by: PatienceZero | Sep 11, 2015 8:30:50 AM

AALS interviews from Maine, Texas Tech, University of Surrey (all crim).

Posted by: Anon | Sep 10, 2015 2:40:59 PM

How does that compare to past years? Maybe some of us will get more calls now, if schools were holding a few spots for the second distribution and it came in fairly weak?

Posted by: Quiet | Sep 10, 2015 1:45:33 PM

Only 43 in the second distribution.

Posted by: AnonHiringChair | Sep 10, 2015 12:18:45 PM

Interview with Arkansas - civil procedure and family law

Posted by: anon | Sep 10, 2015 10:01:53 AM

Yes, interviews, sorry. Offers in the sense of offers to interview at the AALS conference. Better? :)

Posted by: anonymous | Sep 9, 2015 8:15:08 PM

If you are already getting offers, you are my hero.

If you don't know the difference between interviews and offers, yet are still getting interviews, I am depressed.

Posted by: Anon2 | Sep 9, 2015 7:54:38 PM


Posted by: Anon | Sep 9, 2015 7:40:48 PM

Two offers:

Maine, Aug. 31, Crim

Richmond, Sep. 9, Crim

Posted by: anonymous | Sep 9, 2015 6:21:31 PM

Request for additional information from Columbia.

Posted by: anon | Sep 9, 2015 5:13:23 PM

Anyone heard from Maryland yet?

Posted by: Anon2 | Sep 9, 2015 3:46:17 PM

Request for additional information from Harvard.

Posted by: Anon | Sep 9, 2015 3:28:19 PM

Request for additional information from Virginia.

Posted by: Anon | Sep 9, 2015 3:21:12 PM

Has anyone gotten a call from Brooklyn for their clinical position?

Posted by: anon | Sep 9, 2015 2:22:55 PM

AALS interview with Pittsburgh -- tax, property, business

Posted by: anon | Sep 9, 2015 1:18:46 PM

AALS interview with Maine (criminal)

Posted by: Anon | Sep 8, 2015 8:03:54 PM

This is slow compared to 2 years ago, I got calls August 26 then, I sent out my materials in first week in sept and thought it was late because alof of schools were calling by this time. Maybe it is because of the holiday. Also less people applying.

Posted by: Anon | Sep 8, 2015 6:56:29 PM

Silence broken!

Posted by: anon | Sep 8, 2015 5:01:02 PM

I've gotten calls from S Carolina (clinical) and Maine (criminal).

Posted by: Anon | Sep 8, 2015 3:50:23 PM

I've got AALS interviews with Nebraska, Cal Western and South Carolina for clinical jobs, and I know a few others have gotten similar interest from these schools and a few others. Could be the new ABA rules are prompting schools to beef up their clinical hiring this year.

Posted by: anon | Sep 3, 2015 5:37:36 PM

Just letting you know I'm here and that I'm going to assume for the time being that reported interviews are AALS interviews unless otherwise indicated for purposes of classifying interviews on the spreadsheet.

Posted by: Aggregator | Sep 3, 2015 3:14:19 PM

Sorry, not "offers," meant requests for materials or interviews. If people are already getting offers, then I will feel angst!

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 3, 2015 1:33:02 PM

Might not really be slower this year if difference is attributable to Labor Day--last year Labor Day was September 1, so offers at this date last year were coming after the holiday weekend. This year, we're not there yet.

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 3, 2015 1:30:32 PM

Of course it is too early to freak out. But, if we can gain any insight from comparing this thread to years past, things are moving a bit slower this year. Even compared to last year: http://prawfsblawg.blogs.com/prawfsblawg/2014/08/law-school-hiring-2014-2015-thread-one.html. The buyer's market continues.

Posted by: AnonAnon | Sep 3, 2015 12:22:29 PM

I'm on the appointments committee at a top-50 law school. We have not contacted anyone from the first distribution yet and probably won't be in a position to do so for at least a week, if not more. There is a lot of information to get through.

Posted by: LawProf | Sep 3, 2015 12:21:05 PM

People, it's way too early to be stressing. If things are quiet after two weeks from now, that's another thing...

Posted by: anon | Sep 3, 2015 12:15:58 PM

I am on the appointments committee at a top 50 school. We are holding our first meeting to discuss who to invite from the first distribution tomorrow. It may then take a few days to make all of the calls. There are other schools who are moving at a similar pace.

Posted by: GEL | Sep 3, 2015 12:14:16 PM

Silence here too sadly. Are there still schools waiting to contact those in the first FAR distribution?

Posted by: B-Team 2 | Sep 3, 2015 12:06:40 PM

Sadly, silence.

Posted by: B-Team Already | Sep 3, 2015 11:30:53 AM

Interview with Tennessee. Health Law.

Posted by: Anon | Sep 3, 2015 9:08:03 AM


Posted by: AnonAnon | Sep 3, 2015 8:35:20 AM

@4:13 only momentarily stymied by the lack of a "like" button, I offer to buy the first round.

Posted by: 4:36 | Sep 2, 2015 1:10:57 PM

@4:36 me too! we should be buds.

Posted by: anon | Sep 1, 2015 4:13:46 PM

Interviews scheduled with Utah and Ohio, both in tax law.

Posted by: Anon | Aug 31, 2015 4:36:12 PM

Just a note to candidates that may prove helpful in preserving your mental health through this process -- schools are scheduling interviews throughout this process and just because someone reports an interview at a school you hoped to interview at in your subject area, it by no means indicates that you're "out." At my school for instance, we go through the FAR with an eye toward initially filling up half of our available slots in D.C. We then sit and wait for the second distribution. When it comes out we'll fill out the remaining slots (we really don't wait for the third distribution) with really strong candidates we found in the second distribution and/or strong candidates we had in the first distribution that we didn't initially schedule because we don't want to commit all our spots that early in the process. Now you may say, well that means there were some in the first distribution that you felt better about otherwise why go ahead and grant them an interview and yet make me wait. And, you know, you're right. But who cares? We're judging people by what we see on a few pieces of paper. All that matters is getting the job -- if you weren't the first choice for an interview (or even if you aren't the first choice for an offer) none of that matters if you ultimately get the job. There are many of us in the academy who weren't first choice at any stage but nonetheless got hired and have thrived. Thus, don't worry too much about timing during this process.

Posted by: AnonHiringChair | Aug 29, 2015 10:36:54 AM

Interview at Tennessee (Business)

Posted by: Anon | Aug 29, 2015 8:56:15 AM

Could folks please identify the school? Otherwise, what's the point of this thread? To brag? To interject more uncertainty and anxiety into this process? Psyche out the competition?

Posted by: anon | Aug 29, 2015 8:30:23 AM

Skype interview last week. Subjects open.

Posted by: Roscoe Llewelyn | Aug 28, 2015 8:51:08 PM

In addition to participating in the FAR, my school has actively reached out to junior laterals -- we have specifically targeted those in our desired areas who have published well. In my opinion as a law professor (i.e., I am not necessarily speaking the committee I chair), a junior lateral is preferable to an entry level person for two reasons:

1) the lateral has started to develop a definite subject area--and we can greater predict whether that person will actually teach what we need them to teach. Most entry level folks list many, many subjects that they are willing to teach in but you can't always get them to confess which subjects truly interest them the most (and, in fact, given how "new" they are, they may not even know). Thus, hiring a junior lateral reduces the likelihood that we end up hiring someone who simply gravitates into a subject area we don't need; and

2) the lateral can demonstrate greater success as a law professor. They have teaching evaluations, more extensive publications, a record of service, people who can tell us what they are like as a colleague, etc. In short, they simply provide a richer body of work to judge them on than does the entry-level person, who often requires a leap of faith on our part.

Bottom line: we'll be at the hiring conference, and from the FAR, I can tell there are many extremely talented people in the running. But I can't help but be more excited by junior laterals for the reasons listed above.

Posted by: AnonHiringChair | Aug 28, 2015 5:51:06 PM

One interview scheduled at top-50 law school. Business law.

Posted by: anon | Aug 28, 2015 4:05:21 PM

I have two interviews scheduled at top-50 law schools. Tax law.

Posted by: anon | Aug 28, 2015 3:55:12 PM

In my experience, such queries are quite common, in particular if you work in a field where demand exceeds the supply of good candidates (tax, business, IP). I'm in my fifth year and I've received multiple unsolicited queries every summer/fall since the end of my first year of teaching. All have been from schools ranked between 10 and 30 places higher than my current school. Some have lead to talks and offers, others not.

I know my school is looking to hire junior laterals in several fields, and I've heard two complementary explanations. First, junior laterals are cheaper than more senior laterals and as cheap as entry levels. In fact, at my school, first year teachers get a course reduction, so a third-year lateral is in fact cheaper than an entry-level hire. Second, junior laterals have some teaching experience and more publications than entry levels, so they are lower risk compared to entry-level hires.

Posted by: about laterals | Aug 28, 2015 10:18:28 AM

I don't think this is the right thread for this, so Sarah can delete or move as she sees fit. But to answer the question, I think it's becoming more common for junior and even mid-level laterals to get such calls, notwithstanding the collapse of the lateral market. This counterintuitive result is driven, I think, by hiring schools' now feeling little compunction about calling someone to ask if they'd consider a move prior to really vetting the person. I think schools were much more reluctant in the past to contact people unless some substantial threshold had been reached on the candidate's prospects. I suppose the new world is good for the schools insofar is it allows them to avoid reading 6 or 12 law review articles. But it comes at the expense of the candidate's psyche as his or her world gets turned upside down. All in all, I think it's best for schools to only approach laterals in whom they have serious interest! But, again, I don't think this phenomenon indicates more lateral hiring.

Posted by: Anonprof | Aug 27, 2015 4:37:57 PM

I do not know if this is the right place to post a question about the lateral market, but I do have a question about it. How common is it for junior (untenured) faculty members to get *unsolicited* inquiries about possibly lateraling to other schools? Are school increasingly looking to poach the junior faculty of other schools, maybe on the theory that some vetting has already occurred? Or is the buyer's market so good that they are sticking with the FAR? Conversely, is there a sense that junior types might have more luck in this market trying to lateral? I had thought the conventional wisdom was the lateraling strategy was dead. True, or false?

Posted by: anon | Aug 27, 2015 4:09:19 PM

We have schedule appointments with approximately 12 candidates at this point and plan to add more in the coming weeks.

Posted by: AnonHiringChair | Aug 27, 2015 3:23:19 PM

I think this thread has the potential to generate a lot of anxiety, so let me start out with this: no one I know (no matter how outstanding their credentials, placements, etc.) has received calls about scheduling screening interviews at the FRC. I've heard of a very small number of other types of gentle, preliminary overtures by schools looking to hire in high-demand areas.

Posted by: anon | Aug 27, 2015 1:29:42 PM

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