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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Clemency Project 2014

Notwithstanding some of Dan Markel's views about clemency in his Against Mercy, I think he'd have been very supportive of this effort from NYU's Rachel Barkow:

President Obama is interested in using his clemency powers to commute the excessive sentences of nonviolent drug offenders, but he can’t do it without your help.  Clemency Project 2014, the organization devoted to helping sort through the more than 30,000 requests for legal assistance with filing clemency petitions, desperately needs more lawyer volunteers.  Volunteers prepare petitions that outline why the individual meets the stated criteria of the Department of Justice. You don't need to have experience in federal criminal law. There's a two-hour training video that gives you all the info you need, not to mention resource counsel to answer any questions that come up. Please consider volunteering for this important pro bono work and encouraging all the lawyers you know to do the same. We all know mass incarceration is a problem, and this is an opportunity to take individual action to do something about it and target some of the most deserving cases for relief.  The link to sign up and volunteer is here.  And more info is here and here.


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