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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Catalyzing Fans

Just in time for Dan's Yahrzeit (last week on the Hebrew calendar, this weekend on the English), Catalyzing Fans has finally been published in the Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law (co-authored with Michael McCann and me). The article appears alongside comments by Andrew Schwartz, David FagundesMitchell Berman, and Adam Chodorow.

Given how Dan felt about sports, it is ironic that his final academic word has its greatest application in that arena (Dan was always trying to pull the project into broader applications, where Mike and I saw sports as likely the exclusive province for this idea). The comments fit well together and with the original piece and I think Dan would have been happy with how our article and the whole thing came out. It is a fitting tribute.

Posted by Howard Wasserman on July 14, 2015 at 06:42 PM in Article Spotlight, Howard Wasserman | Permalink


A fitting tribute, indeed.

Posted by: Orin Kerr | Jul 15, 2015 12:10:48 AM

He was a good squash player.

Posted by: Jim von der Heydt | Jul 14, 2015 10:12:13 PM

Yep--that's why it's ironic.

Posted by: Howard Wasserman | Jul 14, 2015 10:09:13 PM

"Given how Dan felt about sports" -- my limited impression was that he knew and cared fairly little., if that's what you mean. In any event, congrats Howard. Sounds like a fun issue.

Posted by: Jason Solomon | Jul 14, 2015 9:44:25 PM

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