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Friday, April 03, 2015

A Law Review Survey

We did a survey on prawfs a few years ago about the availability of law review slots for the fall season, and the results were pretty useful...at a minimum, they disproved the naysayers (me) who had been claiming there was no fall submission season.  I'd like to field another survey instrument, aimed a bit more broadly at law review submission timing and related factors.  Let's crowdsource it.  Below the jump, I list some questions I'd like to include in the survey.  Please feel free to suggest additional questions, kibitz the wording of the existing questions, etc.  This will probably be an on-line, mostly multiple-choice, format.  

I want to keep the survey around 10 questions or fewer so editors can answer without much hassle, so also let me know which of the questions and suggestions you think are most/least interesting.  

I'm aiming to send around the survey at the beginning of next week, and post results at the end of the month.  Law review editors, feel free to e-mail me to request a copy of the survey (see the link to the right for an address).  

1.  When did you begin reading submissions for this spring cycle?

2.  When did you finish reading submissions for this spring cycle?

2a.  Were these dates typical for your journal?

3.  How, if at all, do you indicate to authors that your journal is open for submissions?

3a.  Will you be reading submissions over the summer?

4.  When do you expect to begin reading submissions for the fall cycle?

5.  What portion of your available slots remain open for summer and fall placements?

6.  Are these fall practices typical for your journal?

7.  When your journal makes no response to an expedite request, is it usually because:

a. You considered and rejected the piece; b. You were aware of the piece but did not have time to consider it; c. another reason.

8.  If there was one thing you could change about the submission process, what would it be?


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Would be interesting to get data on whether schools use peer review as part of their decision making process.

Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2015 4:29:43 PM

These all look like solid questions to me. I might follow up Question 4 with "When do you anticipate you will make your last fall placement?"

Posted by: Jake Linford | Apr 6, 2015 4:21:21 PM

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