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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Better Call Saul

Despite my distaste for all depictions of law, lawyers, and the legal system in pop culture, I am in the anticipatory tank for Better Call Saul. Reviews are sounding pretty good. And the character is just so much fun that I probably can overlook even large mistakes. Some trailers after the jump.

So who else is in?





Posted by Howard Wasserman on February 5, 2015 at 09:31 AM in Culture, Howard Wasserman | Permalink


Biggest question about the show right now has to be what Mike is doing. I don't recall if during Hank's interrogation he mentions how long Mike was working for Pollo, so he may have that position now, or he may still be a PI. (He won't still be a cop, since that was in Philly.)

We may also get to see Mike's wife, who we haven't heard anything about. I'd think they split when Mike left the Philly PD, but that raises the question of how Kaylee got out to New Mexico.

The other big question is when this series starts. We see Saul hasn't changed his name yet, so it predates Breaking Bad, and predates Jesse's knowledge of Saul's firm.

Posted by: Derek Tokaz | Feb 8, 2015 9:14:38 AM

Planning to watch if I can buy it through iTunes - normally I just wait for a show to come to Netflix but this looks too good to wait for.

Posted by: Kendall | Feb 6, 2015 2:39:11 PM

If I had cable, I'd watch, if only for Michael McKean.

Posted by: Bill Peschel | Feb 6, 2015 1:37:16 PM

Looks like a character from the rich fantasy life of KFI's Bill Handel.

Posted by: Micha Elyi | Feb 6, 2015 1:26:36 PM

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