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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A tribute to Judge Morris S. Arnold

After law school, Nicole Stelle Garnett and I had the pleasure and privilege of clerking for Judges Morris ("Buzz") and Richard Arnold, in Little Rock.  Judge Richard passed away a few years ago.  Last week, though, the Arkansas bar hosted a really nice tribute-event for Judge Buzz, and Nicole was able to attend, along with a bunch of former clerks.  With her permission, I'm sharing -- and highly recommending -- the short presentation she gave (Download Judge arnold).  In a nutshell:  "The law matters, even the mundane can be magical, and the government doesn’t always get to win."

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I have had the great pleasure of knowing Judge Morris ("Buzz") Arnold since 1980, not only as my very favorite law school professor but as a friend. I also had the pleasure and honor of knowing his brother, Judge Richard Arnold. When "Buzz" (as he is affectionately known to many) was the federal district judge in Ft Smith, he was kind enough to invite my son's cub scout troop to see a citizenship naturalization ceremony. Afterward,he invited us to his chambers for a reception; there the boys were able to get their pictures made with him sitting at his desk. Later on, when my son became an Eagle Scout, both Judges Arnold wrote congratulatory letters. A truly kind gesture from two very distinguished men; both of which have been known not only for their scholarship but the class the have exuded in their daily lives. Theirs has been a legacy that has touched the lives of many along the way, exemplifying the words of Chaucer:"Of high sounding wisdom and virtue was his speech. For gladly would he learn, and gladly would he teach." The Canterbury Tales.

Posted by: Harold D. Davis | Sep 9, 2015 1:03:42 PM

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