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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Something That U Post Instead of Doing Passably Original Sophisticated Thinking," or, a Reprise of "So, A Rough Cartoon Always Says Much"

For some reason the significance of the controversy over refresh rates and their effect on Paul Caron's blog rankings didn't kick in for me until late last night, and all I could think about that EVERYBODY in that thread (at least who wasn't anonymous) was male, and was there some gender significance to the fact that it was only men who seemed to be so concerned about issues of measurement?  (I'm not going to throw stones from my glass house; I confess to knowing exactly how hits you will get for "lipshaw % pinosky" under "Secondary Sources/Law Reviews & Journals" in Westlaw Next.)

Acronym Cartoon

As usual, Dan Markel got right to the heart of it with this comment:  "Of course, since Prawfs doesn't engage in auto-refresh, it suggests further that on Paul's rankings (which should have a Roger Maris type asterisk on the LawProf Network ones), we're totally kicking ass ;-)."

And I thought, "You know, he's right, and I did a post awhile back on one of those blogs whose ass Prawfs is kicking, and I ought to refresh it here where a lot more people will see it."  That post had its origins in my friend Joan Heminway's interesting things to say about the private-public distinction in securities law over at  Business Law Prof, another Law Prof Network blog whose ass Prawfs is kicking.*

The point there (and again here) was to highlight my usual instinct for avoiding the import of a serious presentation and jumping immediately to the trivial and irrelevant, it having never dawned on me until Joan pointed it out that the Crowdfund Act of 2012 was really the CROWDFUND Act of 2012.  

My cartooning skills are not up to what they were in my productive peak thirty-five to forty years ago during my brief stints at the Michigan Daily and the Stanford Law Journal,** but I was inspired to grab a sharp pencil and some paper and sketch the not very funny but unbearably clever cartoon at the left.

* Disclaimer:  I am an editor on two blogs, Legal Profession Blog and The Legal Whiteboard, within the Law Professors Blog network, and every couple years Paul Caron sends me a check with which my wife and I can splurge for dinner at a restaurant that makes your keep your silverware for the next course.  I have no idea how the refresh rates work.

** This was the student newspaper, not the law review, something I noted on my resume for many years.

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