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Thursday, July 03, 2014

pleasure doing business with y'all

Thanks to Danny Markel and Paul Horwitz for another guest posting stint at this wonderful blog.  It is always a privilege and a reminder of how incredibly fortunate I am to be part of an extraordinary community of law professors, all working hard on important research, teaching and mentoring, and thinking strategically and creatively about how to improve not only our piece of the profession, but the legal profession generally.  My hat is forever off to all of you great law profs! 

Quick plug for my merry little blog, Word on the Streeterville, http://deansblog.law.northwestern.edu/.  There I blog about varia -- Northwestern stuff (of course), research on legal education, the blandishments of Chicago and other interesting places in the world, sports, and my favorite current topic, the ways in which law and legal education is becoming de-siloed and recreating itself as a component part of our multidisciplinary, technologically complex business world. 

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