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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Outstanding Rap-and-Dance Number, the "Chevron Two-Step" (or Why NYU Law Students Really Know Their Ad Law)

For some outstanding dance moves and funny lyrics, I strongly recommend "The Chevron Two-Step," a rap and dance number written, performed, and produced by our very own NYU students.

My personal favorite lyric: "Constitutional avoidance... congressional annoyance." I'll say -- especially since my Leg-Reg students have not yet had constitutional law when they have to take the mandatory 1L Spring Term Leg-Reg class.

My only cavil: Chevron probably has only one step, because Step #2 is likely reducible to State Farm "arbitrary & capricious" review, and nothing more.

But a one-step dance (and maybe a one-step judicial doctrine) is perhaps a physical impossibility?

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