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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Truly Ivy-Covered Student

Taxprof recently blogged the story of a high school senior admitted to all eight Ivies; quite an accomplishment, but he plans to go only to one, meaning seven precious letters will be wasted.  In response, as Taxprof explained, Inside Higher Education published an apparently satirical story of someone ("Perry Potetick") who, according to the tale, earned degrees from each of the ancient eight. 

But there is a real life eight-bagger.  Benjamin B. Bolger has perhaps the most institutionally elite resume of any human. Dr. Bolger entered college at 12, and used his time well; still in his 30s, he holds graduate degrees from Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford, and a B.A. from Michigan. He also has graduate degrees from Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth and Brown.  Although this is a mere half of the Ivy League, he was admitted to and briefly attended Yale Law School. His website also reflects that he won a debate competition at Princeton, and was  Associate Master of a house at Penn, where he was a grad student; he also completed coursework at Cornell.  OK, the Princeton debate award is admittedly a thin connection.  But this kind of accumulation cannot be a coincidence, so I assume and hope that a real Princeton degree is only a matter of time. for Dr. Bolger. 

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