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Saturday, March 01, 2014


Thanks to Dan and the rest of the Prawfs folks for having me as a guest blogger during March.  I'm an assistant professor at the University of North Dakota School of Law and am currently doing a semester-long visitorship at New England Law | Boston.  I teach criminal procedure, sentencing, constitutional law II, and First Amendment, and write at the intersection of First Amendment and criminal law, specifically "group" or "membership" crime, with an occassional dash of national security.  You can find some of my representative work herehere, and, currently making its way through the spring submissions season, here.

Some of the issues that particularly interest me, and that I hope to explore during this guest blogging stint include: the role of the law professor in the "new" law school milieu of practice readiness, etc.; the role of the law professor as public intellectual, as Nicholas Kristof has recently discussed; and the abiding importance of scholarship for teaching and society, and how it can be understood and contextualized.  Maybe I'll get to these, and maybe other events will unfold.

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