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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Green Bag In Arlington

From page 125 of the forthcoming Winter 2014 issue of the Green Bag, news that would be too dull to justify comment were it not for a melodramatic earlier post:

In our last issue we reported, with regret, a parting of the ways with the George Mason University School of Law. But now, like Liz and Dick, we are happily reunited. Details of this reconciliation, like the details of the parting that preceded it, are not important. Have conditions changed in ways that make it easier for the Green Bag and George Mason to cooperate? Yes. Are those changes likely to affect our readers? No. Are we happy to be back? Yes.

Two other things, however, must be said. First, we are grateful for the kind words and generous offers of support we received from many friends. We have expressed our appreciation piecemeal and sometimes too hurriedly in recent weeks. We now repeat it more correctly: Thank you very much . . . .

Second, “it is an ill wind that blows nobody good.” Commonwealth v. Fourteen Hogs, Serg. & Rawle 393, 397 (Pa. 1823) (We do not know who coined that classic line, but we like the caption that goes with this version, and the ruling: escaping and trespassing hogs should be captured, not slaughtered.). In any event, some of the correspondence triggered by the recent foofaraw has in turn triggered new projects and new collaborations. The results of some of these should reach you, faithful reader, this year. Others will have to percolate a while longer. All-in-all, we think the recent turbulence has been good for the Green Bag, inspiring us to be both more serious and more fun. We – and, we hope, you – will be better-off and happier for it.

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