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Monday, December 02, 2013

Rotations and Sundry

I've been delinquent on many things of late, but let me just pop in for a moment to:

a) wish everyone a happy Chanukah and belated warm wishes for Thanksgiving

b) welcome Miriam Baer from Brooklyn Law School, who will be visiting us here at Prawfs for the next month (at least). Miriam's been a regular guest here, and I'm delighted to publicly congratulate her and fellow Prawfs guest, Robin Effron, on being voted tenure by her colleagues recently--knowing them both well, I can say that the achievement was both richly deserved and overdetermined;

c) welcome back Bill Araiza and Darren Rosenblum who joined us in November and who will linger for a while, I hope;

d) thank our friends at Pepperdine (particularly Michael Helfand) for hosting the upcoming Prawfsfest!, which is being revived after a year hiatus; 

e) signal that, in deference to longstanding tradition, there will be a AALS happy hour and I'll share information as it is acquired; and ...

f) inform readers that I'll be putting the schedule for guest bloggers together over the coming weeks and if you're a prawf -- or wish to recommend someone you know (who is a prawf ) -- and would like to come do a month long stint between January and June 2014, you should let me know at your soonest convenience. Thanks!

Happy Monday.



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