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Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Tragedy of Religious Freedom Items

Please forgive the self-promotional book chatter, but here are two quick items on The Tragedy of Religious Freedom:

First, a review in the Law and Politics Book Review by political scientist Jesse Merriam. Here's the conclusion, which both gives a sense of Professor Merriam's (important) criticisms of the book and contains a little nice stuff too: "If DeGirolami truly is going to provide a middle-ground theory, one in which both theory and conflict can co-exist, we need to know more precisely how history and precedent can guide us. The reader will likely find that DeGirolami does not satisfy this standard. Nevertheless, DeGirolami does provide an important service in probing and pushing us closer to this understanding. And something that must be emphasized here is that he performs this service with a clarity, elegance, and intellectual depth surpassing almost every work in this field. TRAGEDY OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is an excellent starting point for a discussion of how to arbitrate the principled conflict underlying church-state adjudication, and in starting this discussion DeGirolami does an exquisite job of defending his approach. For these reasons, it is not only an important but also an immensely enjoyable book to read."  

Second, a Liberty Fund podcast in which the gracious Richard Reinsch and I discuss the book. If you are not familiar with the web resources provided by the Liberty Fund (the greatest of which, in my view, is its extraordinary, free on-line library), you should be.

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