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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Green Bag’s new Spring 2013 issue


Volume 16, Number 3 (Spring 2013)

(Most of the issue is available here now.)

Ex Ante

Mistakes • The Beginning of the Story


Using Reverse Veil Piercing to Vindicate the Free Exercise Rights of Incorporated Employers, by Stephen M. Bainbridge

Democracy v. Concentrated Wealth: In Search of a Louis D. Brandeis Quote, by Peter Scott Campbell

Learned Hand Sings, Part One: Liner Notes for “Songs of His Youth”, by Ross E. Davies

A Legal Lexicographer Looks at Law Reviews*, Bryan A. Garner

Teaching United States v. O’Brien: Three Conversations and the Wisdom of John Hart Ely, by Ira C. Lupu

From the Second Restatements to the Present: The ALI’s Recent History and Current Challenges, by G. Edward White

From the Bag

The Road to Success, or Practical Hints to the Junior Bar: An Address Delivered Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia, by Edward M. Paxson

Ex Post

Submission Slog, by William E. Foster

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Anyone who has suffered through a law review submission season will love William Foster's "Submission Slog",


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