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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Journal of Law, volume 3, number 1


Volume 3, Number 1 (2013) (available here) 


Available at, by Ross E. Davies


Web 2.0 Citations in the Federal Courts, by Adam Aft, Tom Cummins & Joshua Cumby

Appellate Review II – October Term 2011, by Tom Cummins & Adam Aft

Top 10 Law School Home Pages of 2012, by Roger V. Skalbeck & Matt Zimmerman

Supreme Court Sluggers: Samuel A. Alito of the Philadelphia Phillies and Marvin Miller of the MLBPA, by Ross E. Davies


Introduction, by Anna Ivey

The Secret “Kill List” and the President, The Volokh Conspiracy, May 29, 2012, by Kenneth Anderson

Are You Ready for Some . . . Research? Uncertain Diagnoses, Research Data Privacy, & Preference Heterogeneity, The Faculty Lounge, Feb. 3, 2013, by Michelle N. Meyer

Debate on the Treaty Power, The Volokh Conspiracy, Jan. 13-Feb. 3, 2013, by Nick Rosenkranz, Eugene Kontorovich, Rick Pildes & Ilya Somin

The Decision to Uphold the Mandate as Tax Represents a Gestalt Shift in Constitutional Law, Legal Theory Blog, June 28, 2012, by Lawrence Solum

Asian-Americans, Affirmative Action, and Fisher v. Texas, The Volokh Conspiracy, May 31, 2012, by Ilya Somin

Law Schools Suffer Loss in Lawsuits, Balkinization, Sept. 19, 2012, by Brian Tamanaha


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