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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Teaching the Carceral State"

Signing in once more from Connecticut, where the freeways are ice rinks and the sidewalks and parking have disappeared, swallowed up by snow.

You may remember that I began this guest-blogging stint shortly after returning from a prison scholarship roundtable at the University of Michigan organized by Margo Schlanger and Sharon Dolovich.  Sharon and I contributed last November to a mini-symposium in the Journal of Legal Education on law teaching that engages incarceration.  Sharon advocated "Teaching Prison Law" in traditional law school courses, while I recounted my experiences teaching law students in an "Inside-Out" format  -- at a correctional facility, with the class comprising both law students and residents of the facility.  We were joined by Terri Miller of Buffalo, who wrote of filming a documentary about 1L students in dialogue with Attica prisoners.

At the recent roundtable, we learned of an additional resource for law teachers seeking to engage incarceration in their pedagogy.  Taja-Nia Henderson of Rutgers-Newark has developed a TWEN page (on Westlaw) entitled "Teaching the Carceral State" that grew out of a panel at the SALT teaching conference last October.  The panelists--including Taja-Nia, Brett Dignam (Columbia), Hope Metcalf (Yale), Michael Pinard (Univ. of Maryland), and Joy Radice (Tennessee) have posted their incarceration-related syllabi.  There is now a forum on the TWEN page where others (including Margo and Sharon) have posted their syllabi as well.  Click on the "forum" button to the left to browse syllabi or post your own.

This looks like a great resource for those who are interested in teaching about prison-related issues or incorporating these issues into core courses.  It's also another vehicle for sharing ideas--about mass incarceration and about teaching.

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