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Friday, February 22, 2013

Green Bag's new winter 2013 issue

Volume 16, Number 2 (Winter 2013)

(Most of the issue is available here now.)

Ex Ante

Mistakes • Exemplary Legal Writing 2012 • Law on the Map • Valentine

To the Bag

David Roe


Original Intent, by Charles Fried

In Defense of Scholars’ Briefs: A Response to Richard Fallon, by Amanda Frost

On “A Ticket Good for One Day Only”, by Richard M. Re

The Bridges of Arlington County, by William H. Rehnquist & Francine Zorn Trachtenberg

Making Records in the 21st Century, by Stanley Thompson

Pendent Appellate Bootstrapping, by Stephen I. Vladeck


Orin S. Kerr’s A Theory of Law, by Ross E. Davies, Lee Anne Fennell, Caitlin M. Hartsell, Kieran Healy, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Geoffrey A. Manne, Chad M. Oldfather, Arthur Stock, and Ryan C. Williams

Call for Papers

Micro-Symposium on Suzanna Sherry’s Why We Need More Judicial Activism


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