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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

On a cheerier note, happy new year to all our readers. Speaking only for myself, I must say that the regular posters here are blessed by our guests, who have written some great material and made the intermittent nature of our own posts less glaring. I am also grateful for our commenters. We sometimes joke about, and sometimes take criticism for, our efforts to maintain a balance between allowing and encouraging anonymous commentary and criticism and trying to avoid descending too much into the mire. I doubt we always strike that balance right, although we try. There are some deleted comments that I wish had stayed up, and vice versa. But I am generally extremely pleased by the conversations here.

In any event, any year that will see both the induction of Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Alabama's victory over the fine folks at Notre Dame can't be all bad. I hope yours is a good one.  

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