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Monday, December 03, 2012


Well, I'm a little late to announce the cluster of new voices for December, but I hope you and they will forgive me. Joining us this month are Ryan Scoville (Marquette), Jeff Lipshaw (Suffolk), Dean Dan Rodriguez (NW), Sam Bagenstos (UMich), Zoe Robinson (Depaul), Max Helveston (DePaul), Helen Norton (Colorado), and Michael Higdon (UTenn).

Many thanks to the crew of November guests. We look forward to seeing you around here soon.  

Last, since it's December, that means there are two things to keep in mind: first, our annual AALS happy hour is not far off, and we'll be gathering in New Orleans for that. Watch here for more information.

Second, I'll soon be putting together the schedule for guests on Prawfs for the first half of 2013. If you are (or someone you know is) a prawf, and you think you (or that person) would be a good fit for the chaotic mix of discussion here, please email me with your preferences for which two months you are willing and able to guest here between January through June inclusive. FYI, we expect guests to post at least a couple times a week for four weeks.If you don't hear back from me, the default should be you got your first preference as between the two months.  Thanks.

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