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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Signing On, and a Shout-Out

I'm delighted to be back on Prawfs for the month.  It's been quite a week or two, and more interesting times appear to be on the horizon.  In addition to talking about some legal scholarship I've done and heard about recently I hope to be talking this month about the broader world around us, and specifically, what's been in the news.  As always, thanks to Dan for creating this wonderful community for making that type of exchange possible.

For now I want to just sign in, but also to give a shout-out to the con law faculty at Loyola-Chicago (Juan Perea, Alex Tesis, Mike Zimmer and the inimitable John Nowak) for hosting their fantastic annual con law colloquium, from which I just returned home.  Like Prawfs, the Loyola conference is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and hear what others have to say, and I'm grateful to them like I am to Dan for providing such a great forum.


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