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Monday, November 19, 2012

JOTWELL: Pfander on Burbank, Plager, and Ablavsky on judicial departure

The latest essay in the Courts Law section of JOTWELL is by Jim Pfander (Northwestern), reviewing Leaving the Bench (forthcoming in U. Pa. L. Rev.), by Stephen Burbank, S. Jay Plager, and Greg Ablavsky. Burbank, et al. with an empirical and qualitiative analysis of why federal judges retire or take senior status, countering the prevailing political science narrative of political motivations and, Pfander argues, reminding us that judicial behavior "resists simplistic modeling and one-dimensional explanation."

Have a look at Jim's review, as well as the original article which is a great read and potentially timely, especially if SCOTUS decides to hear the judicial pay challenge this term.

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