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Friday, November 02, 2012

Belated rotations

With apologies for the late start--i'm doing some solo parenting and travel in Toronto right now--let me take a moment to thank all our October guests and briefly signal the arrival of our November friends. Welcome back to Shima Baradaran (BYU); Franita Tolson (FSU); Michael Helfand (Pepperdine); Geoffrey Rapp (Toledo); Michael Risch (Villanova); Amelia Rinehart (Utah); and Bill Araiza (BLS). All but Amelia are old hands here, so let's make an especially warm welcome to Amelia, who writes about IP and patent in particular.

While I have my paws on these inter-webs here, let me reiterate many thanks I owe to François Tanguay-Renaud for a wonderful afternoon of companionship and insights regarding my shitty short draft on retributive justice in "wicked" regimes at Osgoode. (Notwithstanding having lost my voice a couple days ago, the miracle elixir of hot water with honey made possible a few words during my talk today as part of Francois' series.) I was also glad to see and hang out with Ben Berger, Danny Priel, and Lindsay Farmer, among others. I'm now puzzled, more than ever, why Toronto's tourism bureau doesn't do more to advertise all the punishment theorist jewels in its lovely crown!

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