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Monday, November 05, 2012

An Election Eve Message

Elections can be emotional times, I know, so I thought a quick personal message might be appropriate and help provide some balm in this season. This is what I told my Facebook "friends," at least:

My own position on whom to vote for is fully thought-out, rational, and virtuous, most evidence of human limitations to the contrary. If you choose to vote for the other candidate, it cannot come down to a different but reasonable set of priors, priorities, and judgments. It must mean that you are ignorant at best, and possibly evil.* And although this country's two-party system and government structure is subject to a wide range of pathologies, those considerations are irrelevant to the basic fact that my position on any given candidate, although it necessarily involves a host of complex considerations and an overall balancing of interests, is wholly right and yours wholly wrong. Now let's have a clean, civil fight and remember our ultimate common brotherhood.


* After posting this, I realized I had misspoken. Apparently I should have said, ignorant, evil, and sociopathic.

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Heh, I'm stealing this.

Posted by: andy | Nov 5, 2012 3:51:42 PM

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