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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unemployment Insurance Debated

The presidential debates have focused heavily on jobs, unemployment rates, training, skills, entrepreneurship, and growth. Unemployment insurance, administered through a unique blend of federal and state regulation, plays a key role in sustaining labor market vitality through its various cycles. Unsurprisingly, during downward cycles of high unemployment, debates about the depth and breadth of UI coverage surge. Yesterday on Hufftington Post Live TV, I participated in a debate about whether the "millionaires, prisoners, employed folks, and dead people are gaming the system". As you can guess, that is the wrong question for a serious debate about the effectiveness and potential reform of UI systems. Gladly, my co-panelists and I shifted the debate to questions about eligibility and job search requirements, state variation, economic incentives, and job placement initiatives, asking not just about over-payments but under-payment.

Rick Bales has a little item about it here which breaks down the segment to its minutes.


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