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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Orphan Works and Mass Digitization

You can enjoy the second and final day of In re: Books, a conference on law and the future of the book, here. This morning (9 am EDT), our panel will consider how to resolve the orphan works problem - what does one do when one wants to use a copyrighted work, but cannot find the owner after reasonable effort - and how mass digitization projects making getting a right answer more important than ever.

Panel Five: In re Backlist (9:00 - 10:30)

Printed books have existed for more than five centuries.  Bringing this immense backlist into digital form presents both challenges and opportunities.  This panel will discuss the twinned problems of orphan works and mass digitization.


  • The causes of and extent of the orphan works problem
  • The Google Books project and litigation
  • The future of physical and electronic archiving
  • Are the "digital humanities" an oxymoron?
  • Orphan works reforms, legitimate and otherwise


  • Jake Linford, Florida State University (moderator)
  • Matthew Sag, Loyola University Chicago
  • Pamela Samuelson, University of California at Berkeley
  • Jule Sigall, Microsoft
  • and our mystery panelist!


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