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Thursday, August 02, 2012

SEALS Happy Hour, TONIGHT, Thurs, Aug 2. at 9pm at the 8 Burger Bar and Sports Lounge

Bumped to the front:

For those of you attending the SEALS conference this week in Amelia Island, I hope you'll join me and others for drinks and snacks TONIGHT at the 8 Burger Bar and Sports Lounge. The Lounge is in the Ritz hotel, where the conference is taking place, and we'll convene there at 9pm until around midnight on Thursday night (8/2) to watch Olympians and catch up. Please bring or tell your friends and colleagues if they will be there then. Thanks!

Btw, if you will be there, I'll also be on a panel on Friday at 130pm discussing vulnerability and punishment. The indispensable Ron Wright (WFU) is moderating and my co-panelists include Lea Johnston (UF), David Gray (UMd), Chris Buccafusco (Chicago-Kent), and John Bronsteen (LUC). Those other four of you interested in punishment theory, I hope you'll join us for what promises to be a sparky and fun conversation.  Following that panel, I'll be in a discussion group on pedagogy and criminal law. Look forward to seeing many of you there. (A more complete description of the panel follows the jump.)

How Should Punishment Institutions Address Vulnerability and Adaptation?
This panel features a number of scholars interested in the relationship between punishment
theory and vulnerability. Specifically we will discuss and analyze: (1) whether punishment
includes not just intended deprivations but also risk of harms occurring in prison; (2) whether
certain vulnerabilities are more morally relevant to sentencing than others; (3) how (and
from whose perspective) severity of punishment should be measured; (4) the relevance of
hedonic adaption for objective harm and punishment severity; and (5) particular policy
changes that we would like to see in light of our various concerns.




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