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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Free the Tamale Spaceship!

Thanks to Dan for inviting me to blog—and sorry for the delay wading in (I’ve been finishing up a paper this week (whew!), which I will post about later.)

Paul blogged below about an apparently pressing issue for libertarians—whether and how to construct “top ten” lists of Supreme Court decisions.   This is indeed an important issue for libertarians.  But, for this libertarian, who is currently blogging on an empty stomach, it is not nearly as important as the easy availability of mobile food trucks in Chicago—and, particularly, the easy availability of this, my favorite, Chicago mobile food truck (the only one run by men in masks).  Which is why I was sad to see that the Chicago city council, under pressure from incumbent restaurateurs, severely restricted (in the guise of approving) food trucks a week ago. 

The Institute for Justice and its Clinic on Entrepreneurship have been doing some fun work on food truck licensing in Chicago and elsewhere—including a terrific symposium and food-truck meet up at the University of Chicago Law School earlier this year.  (Conflict of interest disclosure:  I once worked for IJ many years ago).  For more from IJ on this issue, visit here.  And for a good piece on the fascinating politics of food trucks, see this Matt Yglesias piece. 

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