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Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Resources on Corporate Law

Elgar book
In advertising, repetition is often critical to success.*  That's why I'll repeat what Stephen Bainbridge and Gordon Smith have already told you -- check out the new Research Handbook on the Law and Economics of Corporate Law, edited by Claire Hill and Brett McDonnell.  You can find an introduction from the editors here.  Interestingly, the Amazon price is $10 more than the publisher's price, so this is one instance where buying directly from the publisher pays off.

If you're looking for some nice free downloads, consider Seattle University Law Review's symposium issue for the Berle III conference.  (The image above is from the first Berle conference, which can be found here; Berle II is here.  Berle IV was held in London last month.)  Chuck O'Kelley has organized the ongoing set of Berle conferences, and Berle III centered around the theory of the firm in the corporate law context.  There are sixteen papers to choose from, and I very much enjoyed hearing from the terrific group of folks that Chuck had on hand.

* Note: apparently, repetition is useful in the "wearin" phase, but actually becomes harmful to the message when the "wearout" phase is reached.  See Campbell & Keller (2003), Brand Familiarity and Advertising Repetition Effects.  I'm hopeful that we're still in the "wearin" phase.

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