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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Financial Impact of the Healthcare Decision...

...was, as I predicted in my post last night, immediate. Here's an email that appeared in my inbox not long ago:


BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court just voted to uphold President Obama’s Health Care law.

Republicans threw everything they had at us, and they lost. With you standing with us, we can carry this momentum into November and win a Democratic majority to keep making progress.

Please donate $3 or whatever you can right now: [link to DCCC donation site deleted]

Thank you,


Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman

(As you can tell from the name, I am not actually a DCCC supporter. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Meanwhile, a Twitter feed from the RNCC today reads: "It's up to you now. Got $3 to make sure we defeat the Dems who passed #ObamaCare without even reading it?" And I assume that every private group that lined up on either side of the battle will be reaching out its hand today, using some variant on the "we narrowly avoided an apocalypse, but tomorrow might be different -- give now!"/"we narrowly suffered an apocalypse, but tomorrow might be different -- give now!" approach. All of them apparently asking for just three dollars. So we beat on. . . 

Meanwhile, here's some musical entertainment for you.



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