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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Images of Father's Day

As the heavily involved father of a daughter, I am often keenly aware of two things: 1) the never-ending pop culture presentation of the goofy, clueless husband/father who never remembers important dates and is always scrambling at the last minute to get a gift or card, and 2) the ideas (and ideals) of the father-daughter relationship.

After the jump and in honor of Father's Day, I offer the following images:

IMG_2376This photo was taken at around 5 p.m. yesterday at a Target in Miami. The crowd (almost all women) stretches into the aisle, everyone waiting to get at the rack of Father's Day cards.



4852b0b088b4012f2fe200163e41dd5bThis is today's Doonesbury, which wordlessly captures the father-daughter relationship. It was a bit dusty around the house this morning.

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