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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spring Self-Reported Entry Level Hiring Report 2012: Fellowships Over Time

Current as of 5/24/12.

In comments to the original data summary, Orin asked about the percentage of reported hires with fellowships over time. Here's what I found, looking at Larry Solum's reports since 2006 (I omit 2010 because there wasn't enough data for that year; prior to 2006 information about fellowships wasn't collected) and my reports from 2011 and 2012. The percentage here is reported hires with fellowships/total reported hires.

Fellowship Rate.20120524
This is subject to all the usual caveats: these are self-reported hires as of the spring before each year, etc. 

This information, including the actual numbers and not just percentages, is now a tab on the main spreadsheet; it's called "Fellowships over Time."

Update, 5/6/12, 8:19pm Pacific Time: A commenter makes a quite astute point: "There are different kinds of fellowships.  For example, I was a VAP at School Q, but it was definitely not a fellowship, at least in the sense that certain top schools have fellowships.  Treating all fellowships the same makes it appear that institutional credentialing and support plays a bigger or different role than it actually does. In my case, my fellowship at Top School Y was a lot more helpful than School Q. I get the impression that fellowships properly so called come with a good deal of faculty support."

This strikes me exactly right. For more on the distinction between types of fellowships, see, e.g., Glenn Cohen, Rick Swedloff, though neither makes the commenter's precise point that some fellowships and VAPs, such as the Bigelow and the Climenko, may involve teaching but are very focused on supporting candidates on the market, while other positions involve primarily a heavy teaching load and little or no support for going on the market. (I feel like I have read a blog post making this point, but I can't track it down now--if someone knows of such a post, please post the link in the comments!)

Update 2, 5/7/12, 10:17am Pacific Time: Another distinction: the two higher numbers are from when I was collecting the data, and the lower numbers are from when Solum was collecting it. It's not immediately apparent to me why this would make a difference (at least in later years, Solum collected data with a SurveyMonkey poll that specifically asked for fellowship information), but it might.

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