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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hello from guest blogger Jeff Yates

I thought about trying to make this introduction  cute with a video of Lionel Richey's "Hello" or something about Hello Kitty, but future me is going to thank present me by keeping this short and not so campy. I'd like to thank Dan and the rest of the Prawfs group for inviting me to guest blog for May.

A little background -- I am an attorney and political science professor at Binghamton University where I usually teach law classes, but sometims dabble in other topics - for instance, next fall I will be teaching a graduate course on The Presidency. You can see more about me here and here.

Here are some of the topics that I *plan* to blog on (emphasis on 'plan' - you never know where this guest blogging thing will take you):

* New lawyer employment woes

* Attorney work hours and working at home in an era of technology

* Use of the title "Doctor"

Hopefully I will come up with some more blogging ideas - until then, thanks for having me.

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