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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Request for Information

I've been late in commenting on last week's Fifth Circuit fuss, because I was waiting to learn more about the issues from the National Review Online's Bench Memos blog, which bills itself as "NRO's home for judicial news and analysis." I naturally assumed it would have something to say about the matter, for good or ill. Alas, unless I am missing it, Bench Memos has not so much as acknowledged the affair. I was worried at first that someone over there might be unwell, but new posts keep appearing, and--thank goodness!--Bench Memos is still running its regular "This Day in Liberal Judicial Activism" feature. So everyone seems to be OK, at least.

Would anyone who is a regular reader of that blog let me know when the Fifth Circuit's order last week finally comes up for discussion on the blog? Because I'm not sure it's worth my weighing in as long as I know Ed Whelan and Carrie Severino are on the job. Thanks!

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