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Monday, April 23, 2012

Interactive Casebooks

Recently I learned that I'll be teaching Copyright law for the first time, a circumstance that launched my search for casebook. One of the ones that I considered was Brauneis and Schechter's Copyright: A Contemporary Approach, which is an interactive casebook just published by West.  The book is released in a paper format, along with a one-year subscription to an electronic version of the book. Prawfs using a West/Westlaw password can obtain access to the electronic version.

The authors used the electronic format of the book nicely. I liked the links to the subject matter of the cases, such as clips of songs, images and the like. For example, one link which allowed me to play the video game that was the subject of Williams Electronics v. Artic Int'l.  The links to the statutory text were particularly useful.

Although I ultimatley didn't end up going with this one (at least this year), I found the format helpful and intriguing, particularly for courses where there are strong visual components.  If you've used any of the interactive casebooks in your courses, your feedback about your experience would be very helpful.

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Brauneis and Schechter comes into a field crowded with good casebooks and still manages to be an important addition. More so than any of the other books in the Interactive Casebook series, it really embraces the format. This is partly because of the subject matter: so many copyright cases have multimedia components. But it's partly a function of good editing: it's a genuinely nice demonstration of what a casebook gains when it's thoroughly hyperlinked to supporting materials.

Posted by: James Grimmelmann | Apr 24, 2012 12:16:33 AM

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