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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The February submission season is almost here. What about August?

Most law review editors, and many law professors, are busy gearing up for the February/March submission cycle for law review articles and essays.  In case you missed it, Sarah Lawsky's handy spreadsheet is available here for those who wish to track their paper's performance.  

In recent years, law professors (and law prof hopefuls) have fretted that the August/September cycle is disappearing.  The received wisdom is that law reviews are filling or nearly filling their volumes in February/March and leaving space for just one or two articles in August/September.  This seems plausible to me, as there were a number of journals that either closed quickly or remained closed throughout the August/September cycle last year. 

Then again, maybe last season was a fluke.  Or maybe the August window is closing unevenly, with some journals leaving space for future submissions, and others electing to complete their volumes in February and March.   

So, I thought I would throw the question out to the law review editors in the Prawfs audience.  What does your law review plan to do this year?  Do you plan to select all or nearly all of your articles in February/March or are you leaving space for August/September?   If you have decided not to leave space for August/September, which factors led you to make this decision? 

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