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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Prawfsfest! 9 comes to LA!

For those of you thinking about good shared-cost models to incubate early scholarship, you might want to consider the Prawfsfest! model. Tonight, Dave Fagundes (SW) and Michael Waterstone (LLS) begin hosting the 9th P-fest! workshop at Loyola Law School. Big thanks to LLS for opening their hearts and homes. After the jump, you can see the schedule. As usual, the pre-reqs for a P-fest are an early work in progress, pre-submission, pre-SSRN. Folks exchange drafts with about 10,000 words as expected reading, and any more is optional. An hour per paper where the "presenter" says nothing until everyone's had their chance to give constructive critical comments. And of course, special disquisitions are usually offered on the subject of best titles. I'm sad to miss the fun but I hope to hear a report later...

Schedule for PrawfsFest LA

Tuesday, December 6

7pm Gather in lobby of Biltmore Hotel to walk to dinner
7.30pm   Dinner at Bar | Kitchen, 819 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, December 7

8.30am Gather in lobby of Biltmore Hotel for transport to LLS
9am Breakfast
9.20am Justin Levitt
10.20am Addie Rolnick
11.20am Coffee and snack break
11.30am Brendan Maher

12.30pm Lunch on-site at LLS

2pm DF
3pm: Coffee and snack break
3.15pm Franita Tolson
4.15pm Return to hotel for a pre-dinner break

7pm Meet in hotel lobby to drive to dinner (DF et al. will drive)
7.30pm Dinner at Pete’s Café & Bar, 400 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, December 8

8.30am Gather in lobby of Biltmore Hotel
9am Breakfast
9.15am Jake Linford
10.15am Coffee
10.30am Sarah Lawsky
11.30am Michael Helfand

12.30pm Lunch on-site at LLS

1.45pm: TJ Chiang
2.45pm: Coffee and snack break
3pm: David Horton
4pm: Tearful goodbyes

Weds eve: Optional dinner—let DF know if interested.


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