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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Improving Prawfs

Here's a handy way to procrastinate grading. It's hard to believe, but Prawfs.com will be turning 7 this coming spring. Whaaa?? Anyway, over the next few months, I hope one of our tech gurus (um, Derek, I'm looking at you) will be helping to tweak and improve the way in which you read and share your experiences on this site.

To that end, please feel free to email me (and/or Derek) with suggestions about the improvements you'd like us to make with respect to how you read this blog. One request I've received is for people to be able to get the posts delivered to their email inbox, either once a day or as they come up. Other suggestions we've rec'd include share buttons for FB or Digg, etc. Which of these (if any) are important to you? Should we tinker with the colors or banners etc? Get rid of comments altogether, or hold comments for moderation or leave them as is? Again, please feel free to email me with your reasoned preferences or suggestions. Thanks.

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I second the "More Matt Bodie" motion/emotion.

Posted by: Joseph Slater | Dec 23, 2011 11:00:47 PM

More pictures!

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Dec 22, 2011 6:59:43 PM

A rotating "successories"-type inspirational image in the upper right corner.

Posted by: Rick Garnett | Dec 22, 2011 1:56:03 PM

More Matt Bodie.

Posted by: anoninla | Dec 22, 2011 12:09:16 PM

An on-the-page search function would be nice. And perhaps a sound file, like the singing of an angelic choir. And a macro to create an "open comments" page every time Randy Barnett or Frank Pasquale post something at their respective blogs.

Posted by: Paul Horwitz | Dec 22, 2011 9:59:02 AM

Orin, can't you usually tell? E.g., if the sentences are long and convoluted and self-promotional, it's mine; if it mentions retribution, it's Dan's; if it's good, it's Rick Hills; if it uses question marks to imply a point of view, it's Rick Garnett; if it appears roughly as often as a total eclipse, it belongs to Ethan or Orly; and so on.

Posted by: Paul Horwitz | Dec 22, 2011 9:55:37 AM

It would be great if visitors could see the author's name at the top of the post, below the title, as is common with most group blogs. As it is now, I generally read a post by first scrolling to the bottom to see who wrote it and then going back up to the top to read it.

Posted by: Orin Kerr | Dec 22, 2011 1:13:49 AM

I second Michael's suggestion of a Twitter feed. Dan, didn't we discuss this at SEALS back in August? It's really easy to do and will increase the site's visibility a lot.

Posted by: DF | Dec 22, 2011 1:04:21 AM

Like Sugar Huddle, I think that rigging the "recent comment" link so that it actually goes to the comment in question (especially when there are multiple pages of them) would be a huge improvement. I don't know if you can do that w/ this program or not, but many blogs can do it.

And if you're going to bring in a lolcat theme (I'm for it), why not import a "fail blog" feature, too?

Posted by: Matt | Dec 21, 2011 11:51:36 PM

I would love to see some of your suggestions here as well as a "like" button (unless that is too facebook for this blawg). Third vote for the LOLCats, as well.

Posted by: Debbie Borman | Dec 21, 2011 11:34:03 PM

I do like the mobile version of VC (which, unlike the mobile version of CoOp, shows the author's name and let's you jump to the comments).

Posted by: Paul Horwitz | Dec 21, 2011 11:09:27 PM

1. ability to jump to the last comment in a string, either via a link right under the post or by clicking on the "recent post" that appears on the left-hand side
2. the lolcat thing derek said

Posted by: sugar huddle | Dec 21, 2011 9:57:45 PM

Has Prawfs joined the twittersphere (I haven't been able to find it)? If not, I'd love to see tweets from an @prawfs handle every time a post goes up on the website.

Posted by: Michael Helfand | Dec 21, 2011 6:48:49 PM

Folks: I already have my own pet list of fixes, including a Click to Donate link that routes PayPal funds to me, and also a new LOLCats theme for the blog. To pre-empt these, please let us know what you want to see! Thanks and happy holidays. /Derek

Posted by: Derek Bambauer | Dec 21, 2011 5:06:02 PM

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