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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AALS and Fed Soc Conferences

As mentioned before, we'll be hosting, along with our friends at Co-Op and the Faculty Lounge, among others, our annual AALS happy hour. In the next day or so, we'll have nailed down the details of where it will be, but for now please mark your calendars for Thursday January 5th from 9pm-midnite.  Thanks to our friends at Drexel University Earle Mack School of Law, and in recognition of its recent accreditation, the bar tab will be covered to some substantial extent! More details on that to follow too.

Speaking of the happy hour, those of you keen to buy a hard copy of my wife's new novel, This Is Our Story, can do so there. Wendi Adelson will be there at least for the first hour to sign copies. You can of course download the book on your Kindle already.

Finally, I want to mention that in addition to the AALS monster conference at the Mariott, the Federalist Society will be hosting its annual shadow conference over at the Omni Shoreham next door. In what must have been some sort of a mixup, a forthcoming paper of mine was selected as one of the winners of the Young Legal Scholars Paper Competition so I'll be talking about crime, punishment, democracy blah blah blah for a few minutes. Poor Eugene Volokh is tasked with commenting on this albatross on Friday morning, as well as William Baude's paper on Beyond DOMA. Also on that day, some other notorious conservatives from the Prawf-o-sphere, Steve Vladeck and Joe Slater, will be speaking. You can find out more about the conference, and register for free over here. Hope to see you there (or in DC more generally).

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What could be better at 9:00 a.m. on a Friday than hearing me (and some folks who may not entirely agree with me) talk about public sector unions! That is, if you haven't gotten enough of that from listening to the panel on the same topic (which I'm also on) by the Labor Law Section on Thursday afternoon.

/shameless self-promotion'd/

Posted by: Joseph Slater | Dec 14, 2011 8:37:06 AM

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