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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rotations and Announcements

Greetings from sunny Herzliya, where I am diligently trying to diversify our blogger pool within the Israeli legal academy and experiment with no-laptops on undergraduate guinea pigs... The new month is almost upon us and so I just wanted to welcome to the conversation here at Prawfs a gaggle of familiar voices and one new one. Appearing here for the first time is Ryan Scoville, a newish prawf at Marquette. Returning to Prawfs we have Michael O'Hear (also from Marquette); Ian Bartrum (UNLV); Brendan Maher (OKCU); Carissa Hessick (ASU); Michael Risch (Villanova); Miriam Albert (Hofstra), and Brian Galle (BC).

Soon we will be saying goodbye to our November bloggers, and for their efforts, I thank them. Some of them might linger on a bit as they get some remaining thoughts off their chests.

Some announcements in no particular order. I want to remind you to save the date and time of Thursday January 5th at 9pm and after. At that point, if you're in DC, you're invited to join us and our friends from the Co-Op and The Faculty Lounge and Feminist Law Professors, among others, for drinks. We'll be celebrating especially mightily this coming happy hour to commemorate Drexel's accreditation, and Uncle Drexel will be footing the bill, or most of it at least. More details later.

Second, please send hugs and musical (not financial) cd's to our beloved permaprawf, Paul Horwitz, who is recuperating from some surgery earlier this week.

Third, please send hugs and applause to Dave Fagundes and Michael Waterstone who are overseeing and supporting Prawfsfest! 9 in LA this coming week on Dec 6-8. I can't believe we're already at #9. Amazing. Thanks to Michael and Loyola Law School for hosting it and to Dave Fagundes for managing the logistics in my absence. It should be a great grand time for scholarship and comraderie.  If your school is interested in hosting Prawfsfest! sometime in the future, please let me know.

Last, I still have some spaces in the blog rotation, especially in January, May and June. Please be in touch if you would like to come (back) to try your hand. Feel free to enlist your funny and wise colleagues too.

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Thank you, Dan! All is going slowly but well and I've been very grateful for my many well-wishers. Best of the holiday season to all.

Posted by: Paul Horwitz | Nov 30, 2011 9:54:15 PM

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