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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Original Jurisdiction Standings

I realized this morning that Dan has not officially cut me off from Prawf access yet, so I thought I'd sneak in just for a moment to inform the readership here that I have just published some groundbreaking new "research" over at my blog, Odd Clauses Watch.  If you're any sort of self-respecting SCOTUS watcher, then you probably have been wondering for many many moons (as I had been, not long ago) how your favorite state has fared in State versus State cases decided under the Supreme Court's original jurisdiction.  Luckily, I've "filled the gap," as we say in the prawfing game, by producing (shoddily, admittedly) the first-ever (maybe) Original Jurisdiction Standings, which you can view here.  Bye bye.

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Thanks, interesting stuff. I notice that Louisiana is at the bottom of your rankings for most losses in the original jurisdiction cases. So I can't help connecting it to Louisiana v. Bryson since this too would be an original jurisdiction case (just not state versus state). I also noticed from my web search about the case that counsel for Louisiana is giving a talk about it at BU this week (Fed. Society event on the 1st I think). It'd be great if there could be a webcast or transcript...

Posted by: Kirsten Nussbaumer | Nov 30, 2011 11:51:53 AM

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