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Friday, November 11, 2011

J. Howard Marshall, II, Superstar

The most entertaining part of the panel I participated in yesterday at Cardozo on Stern v. Marshall was Professor David Carlson's recounting of the life of J. Howard Marshall, whose Texas-size fortune was the subject of the legal wrangling involving the bankrupt estate of Anna Nicole Smith.  So, with a big hat tip to David, here's a little quiz by which you can test your knowledge of J. Howard Marshall, II trivia.  Answers are given in the comment section of the post.

1. Immediately after graduating from Yale Law School J. Howard Marshall did what?

    a. He married Anna Nicole Smith.

    b. He was hired to teach at Yale Law School.

    c.  He declared bankruptcy.

2. One year after graduating from Yale Law School Marshall did what?

    a. He co-authored an empirical study of bankruptcy with William O. Douglas.

    b. He founded Marathon PipeLine Co., one of the litigants in a crucial precedent in Stern v. Marshall.

    c. He became Benjamin Cardozo's first law clerk at the Supreme Court.

3. Which of the following connections between Marshall and bankruptcy law is true?

    a. He served as a bankruptcy law judge.

    b. He served as President of a predecessor company of Marathon Oil, which owned Marathon PipeLine Co.

    c. He founded Granfinanciera, S.A.

4. Which law did Marshall draft?

    a. The Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935.

    b. The Connally "Hot Oil" Act of 1935.

    c. The ALI's Uniform Inter Vivos Trust Act.

5. With which group did Marshall become involved starting in the 1950's?

    a. The Koch brothers.

    b. The ASPCA.

    c. The Democratic Party.

6. One of Marshall's loves was a dancer named Lady Walker.  How did she die?

    a. An accident involving Marshall's Rolls-Royce.

    b. Food poisoning at a barbeque hosted by George and Laura Bush.

    c. Complications from facelift surgery.

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Anon: Interesting question. That's apparently part of the lore about him -- in fact, the Bankruptcy Court opinion says as much. But others aren't so sure. http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/trusts_estates_prof/2007/03/marshall_as_te_.html

Posted by: Bill Araiza | Nov 12, 2011 12:29:34 PM

Didn't Marshall teach trusts and estates at Yale Law School?

Posted by: AnonDude | Nov 12, 2011 12:19:09 AM

Here are the answers. These all come from the Bankruptcy Court's opinion, In re Marshall, 275 BR 5 (2002), and I was able to find at least some sort of corroboration for all of them. But if anyone has any contradictory information please let us know!
1. b
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. a
6. c

Posted by: Bill Araiza | Nov 11, 2011 8:38:34 AM

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