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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A couple exciting or useful announcements...

Via Bridget at TFL, I just discovered that the American Law Institute has elected a few members of the Prawfs family to join its august ranks. I'm not yet sure what punishment comes with such honor, but in the meantime, join me in wishing a hearty congrats and mazel tov to these newly ascendant folks drawn from the Prawfs family: Orly Lobel (USD), Matt Bodie (SLU), and Dave Hoffman (Temple). Woot!

While I've got Bridget in mind, she relayed to me the other day that during the AALS conference, the Women in Legal Education Section will be hosting a mentoring session open to all men and women. You can read more about that after the jump.

Section on Women in Legal Education’s “Speed Mentoring Program” at AALS January 5, 2011,  9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Want to network with other professors but don't know where to start? Willing to share some wisdom or ask questions?  Whether you are a new law teacher or an experienced law teacher, please join us for the Section on Women in Legal Education's first-ever "Speed Mentoring" program.  After a brief overview, we will divide all program attendees into two groups, based on number of years of attendees' teaching experience.  We will then pair experienced faculty members with newer faculty members for facilitated networking sessions. Every 10 minutes, conversation partners will change in a designated order.  The program chair will suggest topics for each 10-minute conversation, but pairs are welcome to follow any conversational direction.  The goal of this session is to facilitate connections between and among professors across subject matters and viewpoints.  Mentees will benefit from the insights and wisdom of more experienced teachers.  Mentors will benefit from the fresh perspectives of newer colleagues.  All participants will benefit from active listening, exchanging information, sharing experiences and making new connections with national colleagues.  At the end of the program, concluding remarks will be followed by free time for open networking.  Bring your business cards!

 Section officers and the Program Chair confirm that men are very welcome to participate.

Advance sign-up requested.  Details here


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Dan: "I'm not yet sure what punishment comes with such honor . . . "

Paying annual dues.

Posted by: Orin Kerr | Nov 17, 2011 2:19:28 AM

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