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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Schedule for Criminal Law Theory Colloquium at NYU and BLS

For those of you writing in criminal law theory/philosophy of crime and punishment, you might be interested in the information that I just circulated BELOW via email. Let me know if you want to be on the email list for future updates and paper drafts.


Mike and I just wanted to let you know of the upcoming schedule for the Fall 2011 Criminal Law Theory Colloquium. Also, Mike's paper is attached, which is short and provocative. Kyron Huigens' paper will be circulated soon.
A. Dates/Places, etc.
1) Tues August 30th (next week!) 6pm-830 at Brooklyn Law School.  BLS, located at 250 Joralemon St. in Brooklyn, will provide snacks and drinks during the get together, and then will also generously host us for dinner at a nearby place. Mike Cahill will provide more info on logistics. If you can, please RSVP to me and Mike so we can make a rough headcount for the reservation.
We will have papers by Mike Cahill and Kyron Huigens. Mike's paper is attached and it includes a cover note. Kyron's is forthcoming... 
Papers by: Mike Cahill (BLS) and Kyron Huigens (Cardozo)

2) Thurs September 15th 3-530pm at NYU (as a warmup to the wonderful conference on Vice and Crime that Stuart Green and friends at Rutgers Newark are hosting on Sept. 16, and to which all on this list are invited. More info from Stuart is available at the link. We will go from our gathering to the  dinner for the Vice-Fest. Please let me or Stuart know if you're interested in joining for the dinner and travelling with us from NYU.
Papers by: Glenn Cohen (Harvard) and Dan Markel (FSU)
3) Tues Oct 25th at 3-530pm at NYU (as a precursor to the Hoffinger dinner at NYU featuring Brandon Garrett)
Papers by: Kim Ferzan (Rutgers/NYU) and Chad Flanders (SLU)
4) Thurs Nov. 3 at 3-530pm at NYU (as a precursor to the "The Retributivist Tradition and Its Future" conference at St. John's Law on Friday Nov. 4 to which all on this list are invited to attend; if you're interested in attending that conference, please also contact Marc DeGirolami at St. John's (cc'd)). 
Papers by: David Gray (UMaryland) and Adil Haque (Rutgers)
5) Spring 2012:
We have set out the following dates and times for our spring gatherings, which are all timed to precede the NYU Hoffinger dinners. We have not confirmed everything yet but we will have a stellar lineup for the spring including Vera Bergelson (Rutgers), Alon Harel (BU/Hebrew U), Matt Kramer (Cambridge), Stephanos Bibas (Penn) and Rick Bierschbach (Cardozo), and some newer voices too. Stay tuned and mark your calendar. Unless we indicate otherwise, except for the first meeting this August, we'll be meeting at NYU.
Monday, January 23, 3-530pm
Tues, Feb 28, 3-530pm
Monday, March 26, 3-530pm
Monday, April 23, 3-530pm

B. Papers
We plan on keeping to the two papers per session routine. As mentioned in earlier emails, we're doing something different also to open things up a bit and make this a bit more of a national (or at least regional) crim theory colloquium. There are a number of you who cannot regularly attend the colloquium b/c of teaching conflicts or geographic constraints. Those presenting who are not able to make it to each of the meetings during the semester are expected to provide timely and written comments to the other persons who are presenting during the semester (and preferably the year if you are able to). 
Drafts will be circulated 7-10 days before the gathering in a Word Doc, and then we'll share it with the list, and those of you who can show up in NYC will be treated to the finest company and coffee/cookies/fruit available.
Now that we're opening it up a bit more, please feel free to send this information to other colleagues or friends in crim law theory that might be interested in participating.
C. Opt-Out 
Last: if you'd like to be taken off this email list, just let me know. And if there's someone who you think should be added to this list, please let me know also.
best wishes,
Danny and Mike.


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