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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rotations and Reminders about the LSA Happy Hour, etc.

Happy June 1, in which we celebrate Louis Brandeis' ascension in 1916 to the Supreme Court, as well as International Children's Day and the independence of Samoa from New Zealand. Closer to home, we'll be celebrating the new month with a gaggle of new and familiar voices. Joining us for the first time is Bill Merkel from Washburn, and returning to Prawfs we have Jen Kreder from NKU, Gio Shay from WNEC, Miriam Baer from BLS, Sergio Campos from Miami, and Jeff Yates from Binghamton (visiting FIU law). As usual, some of our May guests will linger a bit as they get some remaining things off their chests, and we remain fortunate to have BDG and Fagundes stay on in some weird capacity as our beloved Law Review Review editors...many thanks again to our wonderful cast of May bloggers.

By the way, since it's June 1, I will soon be pestering folks to let me know which month between July and December they would like to come do a blogging visit. (If you'd like your first choice, please email me asap!) So, if you're a rising prawf and want to introduce yourself and your scholarship to the wider community, please contact me soon so I can slate you in the schedule. And if you're a prawf and you still haven't tried your hand at blogging yet, or you know a colleague who you think would be a good fit for Prawfs, please let me know that also. Happy Wednesday! Hope to see y'all tomorrow (Thurs) night at our LSA Happy Hour at Cantina in SF at 9pm.  Information on that can be found here.

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