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Monday, June 06, 2011

Anthony Weiner admits he did it (whatever that may be)

In case you have not been hiding under a rock, New York congressman Anthony Weiner has been the subject of intense scrutiny (and a plethora of penis jokes) relating to the picture of a person's engorged underwear that was tweeted from his account. Although Weiner initially insisted that his account had been "hacked," he strangely refused to deny the picture was of him, and after the drip-drip of revelations today (he apparently has sent other suggestive pictures of himself to women), Weiner held a tearful press conference today to admit that yes, he has a problem and yes, he lied about it. Expect deep reflection, and marital and personal counseling, and overwrought confessionals on morning and afternoon television to follow. (Too bad Oprah retired). One point though: at least of now, it seems premature to compare Weiner with John Edwards or Eliot Spitzer. The latter two gentlemen not only violated their marital obligations in more disgusting and spectacular ways, but they also quite arguably violated the law. Edwards has been indicted for violating the federal election laws, and Spitzer was the subject of an intense federal investigation that might well have gone forward had he clung to his office. Unless, I am missing something, Weiner may have ruined his career (for now), but appears not to have broken any laws. Perhaps that is why he just might be able to hang on without resigning -- until we hear something new.

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I really don't know that much about Vitter (the Louisiana Senator) but I don't think he lied about it; however, I could be wrong. He certainly broke the law as a john who hired hookers. I'm not defending him because he is a creep just like former Gov. Sanford and Rep. Weiner.

No, you can't make them resign but that doesn't mean they shouldn't resign. Shaming them is a good thing.

We have far too many scumbags in Congress (Weiner, Vitter, Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings, Jesse Jackson Jr., Rangel, and Barney Frank). Thank heavens Dodd and Ensign are no longer there. Cunningham is in jail, Foley is probably hanging out at some Boys Club in South Florida, and Murtha is six feet under. There are more but I don't want to list them all.

Posted by: anymouse | Jun 7, 2011 1:13:41 AM

My point wasn't to defend Weiner, just saying that if he doesn't want to resign, he doesn't have to resign. There's no practical way to force him out of Congress, and I doubt he would lose an election. I think that often times politicians resign in the first few days after a scandal when actually they could keep the office if they just sat tight.

Just a tactical point, not a moral one.

Posted by: John Greenman | Jun 7, 2011 12:12:50 AM

Regarding Vitter, I don't think he lied about it like Weiner did for the past week.

Well, Weiner can always look to the Governor of South Carolina, or a Louisiana Senator, for examples of people who did worse, (including probably or certainly breaking the law), lying, and then not resigning, and making it through. I don't have an opinion as to whether he should follow that path or not, but I do really hope this will keep him from becoming mayor of New York, where he threatened to do real harm.

Posted by: Matt | Jun 6, 2011 11:48:31 PM

There are only 535 elected members of Congress. We (and the voters of his district) can certainly do better than this guy.

Regarding Vitter, I don't think he lied about it like Weiner did for the past week. I've heard ad nauseam that the cover up is always worse than the initial act.

Posted by: anymouse | Jun 6, 2011 7:11:03 PM

I think the secret to hanging on without resigning is not to resign! Ask David Vitter.

Posted by: John Greenman | Jun 6, 2011 6:39:10 PM

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