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Friday, May 20, 2011

Farewell to all that

I've been a lousy Prawfsblogger in recent months (ed.:  only "in recent months"?) and the explanation, though not the excuse, has been, I think, my winding-down gig as "Associate Dean for Academic Affairs" (i.e., for student-related stuff).  It's been a learning, rewarding, and humbling experience.  There's so much that goes into the health, happiness, and overall enterprise of a law-school community than I, notwithstanding what I like to think was my pretty high level of engagement with my teaching, scholarship, and service, realized.  Questions come up that, looking back, I didn't realize (though, looking back, I probably should have) someone had to answer (or know how they should be answered); some questions that I thought were and would be easy turn out not to be; some skills that I didn't realize were very helpful turned out to be both needed (and, I suspect, not-fully-possessed).  Live (and work) and learn!

In July, I'm taking on the "Associate Dean for Faculty Research" job.  And, I cannot help wondering what advice the future me (or anyone else!) would give current-me.   

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